All About Butta

I started in Second Life in 2007 but didn’t stay too long. I didn’t like the viewer back then and wasn’t interested in putting money into the world to improve my avatar or own land. So I left after about a year of on again off again use. I decided to return in January of 2011 in part because I read about the changes to the viewer (yes I actually left because of the v1 style viewer and came back because of the v2 viewer).

When I returned I finally got some land, moved into a great region, and eventually opened my own coffee shop, Cool Beans Coffee. I took the Cool Beans brand and extended it to gacha yard sales and even my own estate of home rentals.

me back then
before butta : )

If you have listened to any of the videos on this site, you will know I am not female in real life. I wasn’t female in Second Life when I returned either. For a number of years I was some variation on male or furry or sometimes female, but for quite some time I was always male. Let us not kid ourselves though, with the introduction of mesh clothing and then mesh attachments, and then mesh bodies if you were a person with any interest in fashion being a guy was a dead end street.

So I started moving my avatar more and more away from male to female. Trying to play the role of “girl” as well I could, keeping my real life gender out of SL. The issue with that was voice and my desire to create videos. I wanted to make them for nearly a year before I started the process. Once I “came out” though, and realized that very few people cared one way or the other about my RL gender, I was able to direct my attention to the creation of the content you see on this site.

So what does a Buttacwup Pwincess do in Second Life day to day? Most of my time is spent working with, supporting or just chatting about inventory management and shopping (to fuel the inventory managing). I also love landscaping and decorating, though I do not get to do that nearly as often as I would like these days. Exploring and photography also take up a fair bit of time. Taking pictures in Second Life can be a ton of fun as there are so many great sites to see. I am also a total nerd when it comes to Second Life technology. I love learning about viewers, keeping up with changes and sharing that information with others.

Outside of Second Life I am a gamer at heart. From traditional pen and paper RPGs to modern board games and a library of Steam games far to full to ever really be played, it is safe to say that I am a gaming addict. Currently, my most played games are Elite Dangerous, Overwatch and Guild Wars 2. You can squeeze Fallout 4 and Skyrim in their as well.

I love to chat about anything in Second Life and am around quite a lot. Feel free to give me a shout anytime.