CTS Wardrobe

If you love shopping in Second Life anywhere near as much as I do then you have certainly had issues keeping things organized. Remembering what clothing you have, what each item looks like and what works with what mesh body is all enough to drive anyone crazy. That is where CTS Wardrobe comes in.

Wardrobe is a web based tool, accessed via a HUD in Second Life, for organizing and visualizing inventory in Second Life. The tool allows you to capture an image of each item in your inventory, tag those items, search for them and in the case of clothing and other items that are worn/attached to an avatar actually automatically wear them using RLV.

I am a moderator for the in-world group for this wonderful product and have spent the past nice months creating videos showing people how to use it. I continue to actively support and interact with other members of the Wardrobe community and keep my inventory sorted, tagged and organized.

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