Wardrobe Samples FAQ

Wardrobe Samples FAQ

Getting Started 

First thing you need is a shared link to your Wardrobe. To create it, visit your Wardrobe web page and follow these simple steps:

  1. Click Tools from the menu bar.
  2. Click Create Link (Watch this Video to see the process) 
  3. Type a name for your link in the Enter a name for the link: field.
  4. Verify that the This link will expire check box is not checked.
  5. Under Permissions verify that Allow viewing items is checked.
  6. Under Items verify that Allow All Items to be viewed is checked.
  7. Click OK
  8. Select and copy the URL from the New Link window

Note: These are the minimum settings you should select to allow people to see your wardrobe. You should be careful about selecting other options that might allow people to dress you or change your wardrobe in some way.

Submit your link using the form

The second step is to tell us a little bit about you and your wardrobe. You will need the link you created and copied to proceed.

  1. Visit http://goo.gl/forms/rIVDuYW0Sl in your web browser.
  2. Type your Second Life User Name (we use username because display names can be the same. This field is required.)
  3. Paste the shared link you created in the getting started section above. (this field is required)
  4. Select the best option for whether or not you use the RLV dressing functions of Wardrobe.
  5. Select the best option for whether or not your wardrobe pictures are safe for work viewing. (some people are not shy about including nudity in their photos, which could be an issue when viewed. This will give people a heads up on what they are likely to see.)
  6. Type any notes you want to share about how and why you use wardrobe the way you do.
  7. Click Submit

Q: How do I unlist my URL?

A: Open your wardrobe home page and click Tools | Manage Links. Find the saved link you submitted and delete it. That will prevent people from accessing your Wardrobe. We will clean up the database once the link is detected to no longer function.

Q: How do I update my listing?

A: If you would like to make a change to your listing please submit a new one using the same username. We will detect these daily and remove the older submission. Older listings should disappear within 24 hours.