Pwincess’s RLV Structure

I have been asked a few times for closer looks at how I structure my folders and items in my RLV folder. Here is a quick write up, with screenshots of how I do things. As always you should use this as a guideline, not as the “right” way to do it. Inventory organization has to make sense to you or it wont be useful. Take these photos as ideas and borrow the parts that seem the best fir for you.

Before we jump in I want to make one overarching comment. When it comes to inventory, the more sub-folders you create the better overall performance you will have loading inventory into the viewer. Basically here is what happens. The viewer gets the folder tree from the server and starts loading one folder at a time. Slow downs occur when the viewer requests a single folder with lots and lots of items in it. So if you have a single folder with 1000 items in it the whole process can get bogged down and stuck on that one folder. What is better is to have a single sub-folder with not more than a couple 100 items (including other sub-folders) in it. Don’t be afraid to divide things out, not only will it make RLV easier to use with CTS Wardrobe but it will make inventory load better.
My Base RLV Structure:  These are the top level folders I have under #RLV. The goal here is to provide some divisions in inventory around broad categories so that I can find things if I need to manually look. I also keep things like shoes and clothing (wearables) in different folders to prevent having too many items in one place.

: This is where I store saved base outfits. These are mostly base avatars but sometimes includes sets of HUDs or other items.
Body Parts; Hair, skins, shapes, mesh bodies & heads, tails etc.
Dolly Dress Up: My saved outfits
Gadgets; HUDs, photo tools and the like
Home & Garden: Pretty self explanatory. Nothing in here can be worn.  
Modified Avatars: This is where i keep modkits for the Kemono and other similar avatars.
Restraints: Wearable bondage gear kept separate for non-wardrobe RLV use.
Shoes: OMG Shoes!
Wearables: This is where anything that is worn, and doesn’t fit above goes. Including jewelry, makeup appliers, clothing, body art etc.        

This is what a subfolder inside of my Base Folder looks like. Base outfits are typically made up of everything needed to be ready to dress. I do not include hair in base outfits anymore (though I used to). The HUDs for the body and mesh head are included but HUDs for AO or other things are not.

This is what the sub-folders look like for body parts. My goal is always to make sure that each individual wearable item is in it’s own folder and can be selected. In the image I am showing me Catwa mesh head with each part and HUD sub-foldered.

Dolly Dress Up is where I keep the saved outfits I have. To keep the names all unique I use the name structure: Date Mesh Body Avatar Render Cost. So November 2 Lara Base 49K ARC as shown in the example. I don;t need more detail than that in the name because I use the tags and remarks fields in Wardrobe to give the extra needed specifics. Each of these folders includes everything I wear in the outfit except for what is included in the associated base ( Lara Base in this case). If I wear an applier with the outfit I include the HUD here. I will often include the HUD for shoes and clothing as well but not always.

Here is a sub-folder from my shoes structure. As you can see the top level folder in each case is the name of the store where the item was purchased and then under each store I list the name of the item with the various wearable items each sub-foldered below.

 Here is an example from wearables showing something that uses a variety of applier HUDs. So this is from F*n*H and you can see the indivdual items Black Laced High Stockings, Cassie Pink & Blue Net Bodysuit etc. Under each is the sub-folders with each applier divided up. The matching folder in Wardrobe is always the name of the item folder.

This is a quick look at an item of clothing where the sub-folders divide up by not only mesh body size but also by color/material. Again the idea always is to have a single wearable item in a folder so I can pick just what I want when dressing.

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