Everything Butta! on Discord

Discord is a voice and chat service typically used by gamers as a way to communicate outside of the games they play. It provides a consistent chat UI and powerful voice chat features that make communicating fast and easy. I am a huge fan of Discord for a number of reasons, and decided with the launch of the new blog I would create a Discord server as well. This is the first server I have moderated so expect a few growing pains!

Currently the following chat channels are available:

  • Fashion – A place to discuss all the latest trends and shops.
  • SL Technology – Discussion on viewers, technology and general how to in Second Life.
  • Mesh Madness – Mesh bodies, mesh heads, mesh bits and more. How do they work, which are the best.
  • Decorate – Landscapers and decorators unite to talk about the latest in home and parcel decor. 
  • Wardrobe Chat – Can’t get enough of Wardrobe? Here is a chat you can get to anytime even if you are not online.
  • Watch Me Wardrobe – This is a voice channel that will be open during live Watch Me Wardrobe sessions if others want to join in the video on voice they can.
  • Voice Island – General voice chat room
  • Social Island – This is the landing spot for everyone who is new. When you land send a quick message to let me know who you are. I will add you to the right groups so you can see the other rooms.
If you are already on Discord feel free to add this new server. If you are not sign up for an account and get chatting!

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