Watch Me Wardrobe Live Episode #1

Thanks to everyone that came out to watch today’s video, and to those that submitted questions in advance. Watch Me Wardrobe Live is my way of extending support for CTS Wardrobe and Second Life in general beyond the forum to a live Q&A. In this first episode we tackle a couple of questions and then spend some time sorting a few items. if you are new to CTS Wardrobe this is not a bad starting point to see how I process items.

Have a question for next time? Submit your question to me for inclusion or tune in live!

A quick note to say that this video has some avatar nudity in it, an unavoidable thing in Second Life when dealing with things like Wardrobe. As a result it has been set to Age Restricted and will require an account on YouTube to view. I try to avoid this where I can, but sometimes it slips in.

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