Wardrobe Weekly vol 15

Welcome to Wardrobe Weekly for the week of April 9 2017. Wardrobe Weekly is a recurring, weekly post covering some of the things I think are most important and interesting in the upcoming week. This is the first post in the series, even though it is labeled vol 15. The posts each week will be labelled with the week number, hence the 15 for this week.

CTS Wardrobe News – For those still waiting for news on the email fix coming to Firestorm and other  viewers, we are still waiting. My understanding is that the Firestorm team is waiting on one more change from Linden Lab prior to their release. We learned at the Viewer Developer meeting on Friday that the feature should reach release candidate stage this week.  Once the change is actually released we can expert Firestorm to press forward with their own testing and release. Hopefully just a few more weeks. Those wanting to use the email upload feature should download either the latest viewer from Linden Lab or the Black Dragon viewer which both have the email fix in place.

The next Watch me Wardrobe Live will be on Tuesday April 11 at 11:00 am SLT. I will spend about an hour live on YouTube taking questions or just working my way through my inventory. Look for more information in the group. If you have questions you would like me to cover on Wardrobe or Second Life in general please let me know either in world or you can submit them using this online form.

Improved Region Capacity and Access – On Tuesday, Linden Lab posed a new article on their blog talking about changes to region access numbers. Basically, estate owners and managers will always be allowed access to a region, even if it is otherwise full. Regions are also getting a bump to their overall capacity, BUT this increased capacity requires you to be a premium member in order to use those numbers.

We also learned at the Viewer Developer meeting Friday that an additional change is on the way not mentioned in the blog article. A new option will be available to estate owners which will prevent the parcels on regions in the estate from having the default access changed from public. This means that soon we will see regions where ban lines are not just restricted in the covenant, but are also simply not able to be set. This should be an region by region setting available to estate owners coming soon. What are your thoughts on this?

Events for the Week

  • On9  – Starts the 9th
  • Hairology – Starts the 10th
  • The Seasons Stroy – Starts teh 10th
  • The Epiphany – Starts the 15th
  • Kustom 9 – Starts the 15th
My Shopping Picks from Last Week – This past week was a good one for shopping, and its going to be really difficult for me to pick some favorites with AnyBody and Collabor88 and other events throughout the week. However, I think two items really stand out to me this week and earn my Shopping Picks of the Week!
  • Reign Spring Romper @ Collabor88 – Reign has a super cute romper at Collabor88 this month that comes in a ton of colors and some super cute patterns as well (in the fatpack only). 
  • Uh Oh Tiffany Chic Bodysuit @ AnyBody – Uh Oh has become one of my favorite shops for applier clothing and the new release at this months AnyBody I think sums up exactly why. 
Reign Spring Romper and Trompe Loeil shed from Collabor88

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