Learning to Wardrobe – Kitten Style

The Wardrobe community is filled with people who use the product to great use each day. I am not sure if  you could find a more well rounded and helpful community in Second Life if you tried. Purrs Like a Kitten (Lilith.Lupino) is one of the Wardrobe support staff members, and the author of the Purrs Like a Kitten blog. She has done and absolutely fantastic write up on how she uses Wardrobe.

She provides an amazing amount of detail covering everything from folder selection, day to day setup and usage as well as archiving and general tips for success. I lot of people see my videos, and get my point of view on using the product. CTS Wardrobe though is very flexible and the community of users exceptionally diverse. I think it is of great value to see how others make use of the tool and Purrs share’s her method perfectly. Check out her My CTS Wardrobe – Inventory Management article for all the details.

I heart my garden

Rose Top – Ison – May Luxe Box
Babe Shorts – Blueberry
Trouble Hair – Magika
Love Potion – Heart Particles – Coles Corner
Lara Mesh Body – Maitreya
Catya Bento Head – Catwa

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