Getting Started Guide – CTS Wardrobe

It is really hard to believe that I have been making videos for nearly a year and helping people with their wardrobes for nearly 18 months. In that time I have a made 44 videos, and my channel has been seen nearly 11,000 times! It is crazy to me to think that so many people have watched. Of course all this video content is great for existing users, but what about for someone brand new getting started with Wardrobe?

This post will serve as a bit of a play book. A guide to which videos you should watch and when to get a good jump start on using Wardrobe in Second Life. I do want to add a quick disclaimer here to say that as always all of these videos show MY way of doing things. While some of the things I show are the main way to do things, or are perhaps best practice, much of this is personal preference. Wardrobe is a tremendously flexible tool, use this as a guide for how to setup your own usage.

Step #1  Join the Wardrobe Group

Chances are you found this blog through the group, but on the off chance you didn’t hope into Second Life and join the office group. The group is filled with people willing to help, with loads of experience and suggestions for you. Plus it is an amazing resource for all of us to get the moral support needed to keep our inventory as clean and organized as we can.

Step #2 Watch Me Wardrobe Live – Episode 2

This video is pretty recent and has some rather humorous spots to it. It was a live video stream so there is some Q&A going on but really this is a great introduction video to the whole process I go through to upload saved images to Wardrobe. the  video is a little long so you might want to break it up a bit. Click the link above to jump right to the start of the information in the video.

Step #3 Enter 10 Items

Ok! you have the basics now take some time to enter 10 different items or outfits or anything really to your wardrobe. Once you have them added in, test them! Make sure they do what you need and be sure to check in with the group to let us know your progress and help with any issues that come up!

Step #4 Watch Me Wardrobe – Episode #9

This episode covers how to make and work with base outfits. These are a critical path item if you have a mesh body and want to make the whole process smoother. Watch this after you have a few items and are comfy with the basics. Follow this up with the quick tip video on on adding your base outfits to the proper base outfits line in wardrobe.

Step # 5 Check Out Others!

My videos show my way, but there are as many ways to do this as there are people using it. Take a peak at two things quick before heading back to the videos. First, visit the Wardrobe Samples page on this site, then pop over and read Purrs Like a Kitten‘s write up on how she wardrobes.

Step #6 Quick Tip Marathon!!

Next watch these four videos in any order to learn a few additional things about wardrobe:

  1. Quick Tips: Using the Worn Outfits Button 
  2. Quick Tip: Fast Subfolder Naming 
  3. Quick Tips: Making Use of Sub-Folders 
  4. Watch Me Wardrobe #4: One Day at a Time
Step #7 Full Steam Ahead
You have the basics. Now you can check out the remaining videos at your leisure. Hop into the group and ask any questions. Keep plugging away. 

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