Organic Cyborg

Another look at some of the items from the current round of the Fantasy Gacha Carnival. This time the set is from 187. The set is called Cyber and is a pretty large gacha collection with 31 items total including 4 rares. It is available to play at the November 2017 Fantasy Gacha Carnival for 75 L$ per pull.

Visor, Skirt, Shoes and Plugs – Cyber Gacha in White, Black and Silver – 187 @ FGC
Crotch Cover – Galactic Queen Gacha – [CX] @ October Epiphany
Tattoo – Discovery Face & Body Tattoo – Fallen Gods @ October Gacha Guardians
Back Drop – Neon Grid #1 – Rama @ 6 Republic
Pose and Lighting – Highlights Bento Pose & Large Stripes Projector – Foxcity

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