Guest Post: Uploading any Photo with any Perms

Contributed by Sandy Schnook

A few years ago I came up with a method to upload any vendor ad no matter what permissions were on it. Then I learned how to snip pictures for my hard drive and moved away from my method.  The hard drive method made things prettier, so I went with it.  But it had a large problem…I was out of SL much of the time uploading.

Recently I went back to my old method just to see if it was faster for me and how often I’d be out of SL doing it.  It was significantly faster.  In the year and 9 months I used the hard drive method, I uploaded about 4k in items.  In the 3 months I’ve been mostly doing e-mail, I’ve more then doubled that 4k.

Well, most of us know how to e-mail pictures of ourselves and in world objects.  Here’s how to e-mail any picture no matter what permissions.

1.  Setting up your snapshot size.  When you are on your e-mail selection, you want to switch from Message to Settings.  Make sure Constrain Proportions is unclicked.  Then set Height and Width.  I have mine set at 460×460, and I leave it at this for ALL my e-mail pictures.  I will move items or my camera to fit something within the frame rather then change those numbers.  It’s just a time saver for me.  Once you are finished, go back to messages.

2.  Next make sure the Interface selection on your Snapshot menu is ticked.  You will see things from your screen appear, but this is good, and your vendor ad will cover it up.

3.  Select your vendor ad and open it on your screen. No matter what size it comes up as, go to the lower right hand corner and make sure the Preview Aspect Ratio is set to 1:1.

4.  Now grab a corner and pull it as far as you can. Then grab the diagonally opposite corner and stretch it as far as it will go. You will still see some of your screen in the background, and that’s is why I do it in front of a dark grey prim.  But most of it you won’t see in your actual e-mail upload.

5.  Refresh your Snapshot and the picture should now appear filling most of your picture box. If it’s not quite centered, just move it a bit then refresh again.  Once you are happy with it, fill in your e-mail like you normally would and send the picture. Go to your personal Wardrobe page and your vendor ad will appear like any other upload. Yes the edges aren’t as refined as snipping the picture and putting it on your hard drive, but you don’t have to be out of SL near as much.

I hope some of you find this useful.

Contributed by Sandy Schnook

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