Wardrobe Challenge – Dust it Off

This weeks challenge will be a bit easier than the previous. One of the things that binds wardrobers together, other than our extreme OCD, is the joy of shopping. On occasion we all over indulge in this pastime a bit to much. It becomes super easy to focus on what is new and just barely manage to keep up. Lets show some of those older things some love.

In this weeks challenge I want you to rummage through the depths of your inventory and find 10 old items to upload to Wardrobe. Can be anything, so long as you have’t gotten it recently. Rediscover something you forgot you had, breath new life into an older purchase and put it front and center.

This seems to be the oldest item in my Wardrobe…a saved outfit.

Create a new tag in your Wardrobe, create a shared link for that tag, and share the link in the comments here. Challenge runs through Friday the 27th!!

I am looking forward to seeing what people find!

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