Using Photos from Marketplace in CTS Wardrobe

It is easier than ever to use an image from Marketplace as the image for your items in Wardrobe. All you need is the URL to the page on Marketplace for the item you want to use and Wardrobe will do the rest.

To make use of this feature you need to start off from the Add Items option in Wardrobe. If you don’t see Add Items on your toolbar (or the Import Menu), pop into your preferences and make sure this is selected.

  • Locate the Marketplace Listing you want and copy the URL of that page.
  • Click Add Items to open the Add Items dialog.
  • Click the More… button if you have more than one image you would like to use (see number 1 in image below)
  • Click the URL button for the image box you want to use (see number 2 in the image below)
  • Paste the URL you copied in step One into the Enter URL box
  • Click OK

Wardrobe will automatically download any images tied to that entry in Marketplace. Even if there is more than one.

You can actually make it even EASIER!! Instead of clicking the URL button just press CTRL+V to paste the URL right into the box. The copy paste works with an image copied from your local PC, the Marketplace URL, URL’s from Flickr, Gyazo, Imgur, Lightshot or the Texture UUID from SL.

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