Quick Tips – Setting Attachment Points

A slightly longer than normal quick tips video, sorry about that. In this video, we discuss the concept of setting attachment points to allow items to detach when similar new items are worn. This gives the ability to do things like swap one shirt for another, or replace a pair of shorts with a pair of jeans. Visit my Attachment Points page for details about which attachment points I am using for what.

3 thoughts on “Quick Tips – Setting Attachment Points

  1. Meri

    OMAG, you are so tidy in your inventory. I need you in my life… specifically, I need you in my avatar sorting out my inventory. You can't imagine the piles of unsorted crap I have (Well, you probably can). Love your vid, will be watching more! x

  2. Butta

    Meri: You have no idea at all the things I carefully hide when I do my videos. I have quite a mess as well. Thanks though. Sorting inventory can be oddly soothing for me at times.


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